• I’m the new kid on the block

    • Exciting, fresh & fruity, wine based refreshment
    • A pint in a bottle - 568ml and 5.5% ABV
    • Lightly sparkling, based on the Moscato grape
    • Loves to be served over ice
    • Crafted by wine experts

    VINNI says...

    “The old English name ‘VINNI’ is said to mean ‘elf’ and ‘magical being’. Who am I to argue.”

  • I’m ready for lift off

    • Celebrating the meteoric rise of the Moscato grape
    • Male and female alike will be drawn to a long, refreshing, wine based drink
    • Innovative, stylish and convenient
    • Low ABV - but not low in flavour! Unlike competitors, VINNI is not a weak tasting varietal wine - it’s a completely new style that’s packed full of flavour
    • A new experience for wine lovers and a great introduction for those who shun wine
    • A whole new drinks category
    • Targeted to leverage category growth in the wine aisle

    VINNI says...

    “Disorganised people wanted - to practice arranging things in breweries and other venues.”

  • I’m fabulously appealing (even if I do say so myself)

    • Designed to appeal to a broad demographic, with most interest likely in the 25-40 bracket
    • Those seeking an introduction to wine
    • Wine lovers looking for a lighter, more refreshing drink
    • Especially appealing to those seeking a longer, low alcohol alternative to wine
    • The ‘ready to drink’ market
    • Socialisers and party goers

    VINNI says...

    “It’s a long time since 1983. Must be about time to relax again.”