• A woman who can change everything.

    Ysabel Regina, created by Global Premium Brands, is born of a desire to revitalise two long extinguished categories in cocktails and long drinks:

    Cognac and Brandy

    It is an “assamblage” of Cognacs from Petit and Grande Champagne VSOP with Brandy Solera Gran Reserva from Jerez , which are blended and then aged for a year in Pedro Ximenez casks from the Ximenez Spinola family.

  • Everyone wants to know her secret.

    For the first time in their history, 40 age-old solera casks are called on to age a product other than Pedro Ximénez wine.

    On this occasion, they are matured for 12 and 14 additional months, to create the new queen of distilled drinks: Ysabel Regina.

    Only 9,000 bottles will emerge from these casks, and so Ysabel Regina jealously guards its distribution.

  • She knows how to win your heart one step at a time.


    Light mahogany, clear and bright, average density, moving lightly in the glass, with a distinctive fine tear.


    On first contact fruity floral with particularemphasis on the notes from the Pedro Ximenezbarrel with its hints of dark chocolate, coffee andraisins. This gives way to the subtle trace of vanilla imparted by the French oak cask used in the Cognac, and toasted hints with minute sparks of sherry.


    Once again we find a fruity and floral ambience that imprints on the palate with a smooth and generous presence. Present and persistent acidity. A long finish where the notes from the cask can be distinguished in their purest state.